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Kym McBride is a professional medium and psychic counselor. She has the capacity to talk to your departed loved ones and reveal their characteristics as if they were “sitting in the room with you.” The uncanny connections she makes will reassure you that there is no “real death”….and that “consciousness and personality survive” the veil.

The majority of people find her messages comforting, enlighting and bring needed closure to unfinished business. She has helped people from all walks of life and from all over the world. People from as far away as South America and Ireland have all felt supported by her messages from the other side.

Kym is a clairvoyant as well and has experience reading past lives, future’s, relationships, work dynamics, money questions, and so forth.

Kym co-hosted Mainstream Intuition, a radio program on WHBC 1480 Talk Radio with Linda Schiller-Hanna as well and you can find program segments here on YouTube – Mainstream Intuition Radio

Shy Kym

Kym McBride is a non-fiction author. (See author page) And has several books in the works on her interactions with spirits, both crossed and those on the ghost level.  She has taught all around the U.S.A. teaching students to connect and find control over their intuitive gifts, both for professional work and for personal growth.
  She is finalizing a set of online courses on Meeting Your Guide and bringing her teaching of intuition training that she once taught in person, to the online format. Check back for the launch dates.

If you have an interest in learning about upcoming courses, please contact her at kymmcbride@gmail.com. To book a reading check out the Readings tab on this site for more details on that process.

Kym has a lively, humorous style which will help you “lighten up” with your fears, and not take yourself too seriously. She’ll help you find the “healing information” in any dilemma and let you know the background reasons (not always apparent) as to why things are the way they are, and why people act the way they do. Better still, her guidance will prepare you to clear your issues so that you can make the most of your upcoming opportunities.

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Kym’s view of her work:
“I don’t want to just give you a basic description of what can and does happen in a Metaphysical life, but to share all the wonderful and wacky experiences that I have had doing this work!  I have the best job in the whole wide world…it’s always different from one client to the next. I love being able to help others to heal and teach that death is not “THE END” and we are SO MUCH MORE than we think!”

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