Communication…….or as it has been for me this week a LACK of communication!  In this world of technology, our communication is through email these days.  And it is NOT the best way to talk to others. Two BIG things happened around communication – I think the universe was giving me a BIG lesson…

This week, I have had problems arise in things that I wrote.

I sent off my first article for the newsletter (What I learned this month by: Kym McBride).  In the article, there was one repetitive word that I italicized to bring emphasis to it.  I felt it was pivotal to the piece.  I sent the article off very happy with the final draft and excited that it would be published in a very good newsletter (and to a very large database of new people!)……I waited with bated breath to get the finished product, so I can send it off to my database…and HOPEFULLY get input to what I think, was a moving-thought provoking article.

Well, when the published newsletter popped in my email box, I was like a kid on Christmas morning…..I ripped it open, and I quickly scanned past all the other information to find my article!  There it was!  I’m published! Only to find that the word “enough” was in the same format as the rest of the article…..I was deflated and then very upset!  Why would the editor change my italicized word? I was not a happy camper.  I felt that by changing the word style, it changed the impact of the story. (PLUS the editor changed a word in a quote, and it completely changed the meaning of the quote! It was NOT a good day!)

Being that it was my sister’s newsletter, I felt I had to step lightly.  I know that she sends all her text to an editor and now that it was published! She would not be able to make the style change…..and once it’s published- what’s the point!  The damage (from my perspective) was done.

I did call my sister and as I anticipated, she didn’t see that it was a cause of concern (does she NOT know emotions of an ARTIST!!?!?!?!  She is an image consultant! What does she know!  I bet if she just dressed a client and I came in and said – I don’t think that scarf is really “needed” in that outfit – that it would NOT go over well with HER!  My WORDS are my craft (one of them) and I think each word is placed at just the right point in my articles to MAKE the article! HOW DARE SHE! (that was said in my best drama queen inflection! and my hand was on my chest just to make the point!)

LESSON Learned!  But I didn’t tell you this part….I was PAST deadline!  My sister had been waiting on me to get this “gem” of an article done…..I HATE to be late, even though I could come up with some great excuses…(My Mom died (really) and we had just had a major memorial for her….and…and) but even I know – none of that mattered, Traci and I share the same Mom, she pushed through…so should I.

So, because of the LATE date, Traci was not able to send me the finalized edited article back to me for final approval. And after all this internal drama, it most likely wasn’t even the editors fault. Traci said that when she puts all the articles in the newsletter, the program changes things to fit the variety of specifications that she has installed, so most likely her PROGRAM changed the italicizing, and not the editor! OK, so I can’t be upset at anyone! Fine!  But the editor DID change the quote…..but I have forgiven her.

Lesson learned- KYM, DON’T wait till the last minute to get your work out!!!  And ALWAYS get a final draft to sign off on!

Lesson learned.  I thought I got it……but I guess on some higher plane-I didn’t….

So the Universe said, “I think Kym needs one more example….”

I write children’s’ books.  OK, I don’t REALLY write them, they are channeled to me.  And what I mean by that, I sit down (when I babysit my nieces) and I tell them a bedtime story and all of a sudden a completely developed story comes pouring out of my mouth!  This is a VERY new cool talent that I have.  I have NEVER been good at making up ANYTHING (I tell great stories, but they are “real” events – not “made up” things)

So I wrote my 3rd children’s book but I do it all on a audio recording, which then means I have to turn to a friend to transcribe (I’m horrible at it!).  I handed her the audio recording with hopes of getting this wonderful story started on the process to getting published.  I was excited!

When I dropped off the recording, the last thing my friend said was, “Do you want me to do the same as it did before with my ideas?” I said, “Yes, that will be fine”.  And I skipped out to the car, happy that the process was beginning.

Well…., that was a few weeks ago and I have heard nothing from my friend and have no transcript in hand.  I wrote a few times, but it seems that things are not going to well for my friend and my book is not her main focus! (Much to my chagrin!…it appears that I am the center of MY UNIVERSE, but I don’t appear to be the Center of HER UNIVERSE! SHOCK!)

So first thing this AM – I had another Christmas day and I found a email from my friend and a attachment of the transcribed book! YEAHHHH!

You know…I really have to stop this “Christmas morning” crap!  It’s like the blue bird of happiness drops something on my head when I do that!….so I open the “transcript” only to find that my friend didn’t do what “we did last time” – she actually MADE THE CHANGES in my original transcript – making this more HER book, then mine!  Last time she had my original transcript and then on the side in color were “suggestions and clarifications” that I could use/change/or insert……but my original story was in tack!…..well, this time it came completely changed…..

So, how do you think I handled it?  Got mad.  Got REAL mad.  Then I realized, WOW, this is just like the other thing….MIS-COMMUNICATION.  She said one thing, I THOUGHT one thing and they were NOT THE SAME THINGS!

So, things are what they are….ANOTHER LESSON that I need to be very CLEAR about my needs. I do not want to make her feel bad, she’s having a hard enough time. I did write her and tell her that in the future I need it as separate items and she isn’t to change anything to the original transcript, but that I do want her input, but on the side and not in the text.

OK, I really REALLY hope that I realize that I have to be very clear with my needs, get things out in a timely manner and KEEP final control over the end product…

I guess something really BIG is going to happen soon, for it appears the Universe wants me to know this lesson before something bigger comes along.

I HEARD YOU BIG GUY – Bring it on!