4th of July Madness..

The 4th of July brings my focus to NOISE POLLUTION.  It is an issue that can get me fired up in no time.  I have been a country girl for 16 years when I lived out in Medina on 4 acres.  I liked it, no – I LOVED it!  You can appreciate your thoughts in a quite place.

However, things and locations change and I find myself in an apartment building in Lakewood Ohio.  Lakewood’s not such a bad place, lived here many years ago – they are a pain with the cops and drinking and driving, but I don’t partake in that kind of behavior anymore, so the transition was easy.

I chose an old apartment building that is at the end of Lake Road.  I love Lake Road for its beautiful large old homes and the quaint feeling it exudes.   Have driven this road for many years going out to my sisters and mom’s house in Avon Lake, this road and I share  memories…. Therefore, when I was told in a vision from my guides that I would move here- I was stunned (never wanted to live in an apartment) and was not sure I could even afford the rents that this area would require.  However, with anything in my life, I have learned to trust the insight from my guides and said “Ok, if this is what I need to do – then make it happen.”  A few months later, they did just that.

But before I signed a lease, I had some things to work out- one, I need QUITE; I was assured that this building would give me that (by the manger and soon to be previous tenant).  Doing the kind of work that I do (Psychic/Medium) I am very sensitive to noise, I have to be – it is in the tiny little feelings and sounds that I get my information from my guides, and that sensitivity allows me to be the best at what I do. But on the flip of the coin, it makes me more sensitive to all the noise pollution that is around.

I live on the fourth floor.  I hate curtains, and people looking into my space- so this position allows me more freedom on those counts.  And best of all I figured it would be above the noise in the area.

WELL, to my devastation- that is not the case.  My location seems to be sponge for the constant car traffic!  But not only that, but I can hear EVERYTHING.  I tired having a class here with the windows open and it was a battle to be heard over the noise pollution of the area.

It is a quant area, and I love that people walk their dogs and ride their bikes – but my problem is all the excessive noise they make.  Why is it that little girls scream for no reason? And dogs bark – forever, before their owners even think they should go see what the problem is?  That men feel that the bottle rocket between their thighs has to have the loudest sound too!

I have lived here for a few months and no one told me that this location is a bevy of “events”. I have had deal with one bike race, one running race and one parade (the 4th). They block off the roads for all these events and I am prevented from leaving out my garage or returning if I was able to get out.

I was un-aware of one of the races and it happened to coincide with a class I was having at my apartment– my students were driving around and around in circle until the roads re-opened. Thanks Lakewood!

For the parade, I have listened all day to people coming and setting up chairs and lemonade stands in front of my apartment and proceeding to listen to  children and dogs fighting and crying.  I even had neighbors in the building next door throw a party with corn whole games, fire pits and smoke bombs that came into my windows even though they were closed!

The road in front of my house was not only having the parade but I live a short distance from Lakewood Park – so the entire day was full of events and then topped off with fireworks. (which I have to admit was STUNNING in my apartment windows!  I had the best view with out all those people! LOVED IT!)…..now back to my complaining! :0

I wanted to spend the day just writing.  I have lots of work to do and a quite fourth was a treat for me. I have been dealing with six apartments in my building getting a major overhaul of remodeling for the last 3 weeks.  I hear drills, and floor sanders, and hammers and yelling men all day long. And this coming week we are getting a new roof installed. I witnessed the massive trucks delivering all the materials for the roofing job and it will all be happening on my head – since I am the top floor!  I was just hoping that I could have a quite fourth to get my thoughts on paper before the on-slot of noise…But the best laid plans….I never knew that the Lakewood parade would be in my front yard!

Oh, I know what you are all thinking….she is a crabby old woman.  But you might never have lived in an apartment building and had to work in your home too. Please note: I have not told you about the “noise of my apartment – the every morning yelling of the 2 children that live in the apartment across my court yard – the one HATES vegetables and I get to hear it all in echo! – those are REGULAR apartment noises – I understand that!) You just do not get away from all the construction and noise.

This past week – just as I was getting ready for a phone reading with a client, my lovely neighbor decided that he wanted to go through his old record collection and listen to it on HIGH volume. It was 6:30 pm and I had to talk over the very CLEAR sounds of Queen singing “I’m am the Champion!’. It was so loud the client asked if I had a radio in the background!  This walk down memory lane continued until way after midnight.  WHAT WAS HE THINKING?  That he lives on an island in the Pacific? Well, I certainly wish I did!

Cars driving by, dogs barking insistently, car alarms being set or going off, children screaing their lungs out, parents yelling at them at the top of their lungs, motorcycles roaring by, horns being blown, trucks breaking, music blaring, ………..

Don’t people consider other people?  I take into consideration my noise.  I have my car locking beep set to low, I do not play music at high volume and if I want to – I PUT ON HEADPHONES, I keep my TV at a normal volume, and I have parties that end between 10-11pm.  I do not have conversations in my apartment hallway.  When I listen to music in my car with my windows down – I turn down the volume when I sit at a light – so others aren’t getting my music blaring over their own.

I realized I am not the only person in the world.  I am a part of the world.  I try to consider others in my decisions when it comes to noise.  I think if more people did, it would not be such a noisy place to live.


One thought on “4th of July Madness..

  1. I concur! I can’t STAND all that unnecessary mind-clutter. I, too, turn down my radio when I’m stopped at a light – why would I let my music infringe on someone else? People are rude. Except for us 🙂

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