Kym is Paying it Forward

Earlier this week I sent out this email:
This a.m., I was awoken with a “suggestion” from my Guides. They said that in this time of transition in so many people’s lives, HOPE was needed. And that I can offer that “Light at the end of the tunnel”.
 They said that many people only have a question that they need see clarity on, and if I wished to help, I could offer help.
 They used the word “Pay it Forward,” ( which is one of my most favorite movies.)
So here’s what we came up with.
 Due to the financial strains that we are all feeling, I would like to offer this “Pay it Forward” help.
 I will reserved 2 readings time slots a day to anyone that has ONE QUESTION that is causing them concern.  (I can’t offer Mediumship at this point – due to time)
In exchange for giving clarity on this one question, I will take a DONATION  in what ever you can afford to make.
To make this donation, it will need to be made through Pay Pal. 
 So tell you friends, and if you need it – and can’t afford to schedule a reading due to finances, this is offered to anyone in need.
 Please note: I only have space for 2 readings a day (through the end of the year- 2011), this is “finacial-hardship” opportunity only.
 I would love to help as many people as I can with this Pay it Forward opportunity. So please forward this to your friends and family.
 Pay it Forward = 1 reading of ONE QUESTION for a Donation of your choosing.
 The exchange is just an energy exchange, for only what people “pay for” do they value. That is why a donation is asked for.  I am donating this money to a needy family that I work with.
 Thank you, Kym McBride
 If any one knows of someone in need, please direct them to the top of my website ( and go to the TAB – “PAY IT FORWARD”  There is additional information at the bottom of the post and directions on how to get this Special – One Question Reading.
And remember – we ALL can Pay It Forward in our own ways – find one that works for you and DO IT!

Post by Kym: Cutting the Strings

I’m posting this on 11/9/11 and I hope that on a VERY POWERFUL energy day of 11/11/11 that you use this exercise to “disconnect” for people or things that no longer honor who you are.  Read through it, and do it as soon as you can (do it now, AND again on Nov. 11th if you can)  – but PLEASE use it on 11/11/11 for using all the energy that will be dislodged into the universe.  WATCH OUT! IT’S POWERFUL!


This meditation is for removing emotional connections to people.  It’s very simple and I use this with many of my clients that are “too emotionally invested in another person”.  For instance: an old boyfriend, or a relationship that is no longer honoring you, or even a child/spouse/sibling that seems to always being able to PULL you in!

THIS IS GREAT for even un-equated love.

  • Get in a quite place.
  • You can  lay down or sit in a chair – what ever position is good for you.
  • Now, close your eyes  and BREATH in through your nose and out through your mouth about 4-5 times. (this relaxes you)
  • Then picture the person that you need to “disconnect” from in front of you. (or thing – House worries, Car problems, etc)
  • Now say, “Show me the strings that are connecting us” (in your head).  You will be really surprised what you will see. (Their might be strings connecting them to you or a cord, or it can be large as tree trunk or anything in between!)
  • Now, at this point you can tell the person what you feel about this unhealthy  connection that is going on between the two of you. (You will be saying this in your head).  You can be kind, or yell at them, do what ever you need to do to tell your TRUTH.
  • Then picture a pair of huge scissors in your hand (or a hatchet if the strings are like trunks of a tree) and start cutting the “cords/strings/trunks”.
  • Now you might find that as quickly as you start cutting the “cords” that bind you – the other person starts sending out more connectors to you!  Keep cutting, but if they won’t stop sending out more cords,  you might have to put a big wall between you!
  • Picture a wall all tall as you can see and as long as you can see in all directions! It can be a brick wall or a clear wall (so you can still see them – some people love the other person, so they still need to SEE them…then make the wall clear like glass) but the wall is to STOP them for re-connecting their cords/strings/trucks to you.

This excerise is VERY powerful.  It might be a very emoitional process too – just keep doing it.

That’s all there is to it.  Keep repeating it as much as you need to.  The emotional connection will go to netural and that means that they are not affecting you like they have in the past. THIS IS POWERFUL!

FOREWARNED: One thing you need to know – that this is an ENERGY cutting and the other person will FEEL this disconnect – so DON’T be surprised if you get a call or an email from them after doing this (you might not of heard from them in years….)  They will most likely have no idea why they have a need to re-connect, but just that they have to.  You need to be aware of this, and decide on how you want to deal with them (if it’s a  long time since you talked)

Good luck and PLEASE leave contact me with your results!  GOOD LUCK!

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Post by Kym: “I Deserve..or DO I?”

I work with many clients that are perplexed about not having the success they desire in some areas of their life. Be it in their career, in romance, family relationships or in their finances. But one of the perks of this job, I also get a chance to learn right along side of my clients. It really isn’t me advising my clients, that information just comes through me from the Universal Source (God)….I’m just the conduit of this wisdom not the producer of that wisdom. So I am just as surprised about the information that comes forth as my client is to hear it! There is also another advantage to this type of work. Some might call it a disadvantage… but God directs clients to me that are have the same issues that I myself need to “look at” in my own life.. I sometime say it’s the “bate-and-switch” reading. It’s usually on issues that I have not taken the time to dissect. But when I’m working for someone, that’s the very thing I’m hired to do – the dissection happens. My issues might not play out EXACTLY like my clients, but its close enough for me to “connect the dots”. And that’s exactly what happened this past month- the “old batch and switch”, happened over and over again (at least until I caught on!)

Through one of my clients, I was able to clearly see how we ALL deal with deservedness issues in one area or another. The funny thing is deservedness doesn’t happen across the board. They might have no problem in their careers, but their love live is a shambles. Or they might have really good relationships but they can’t seem to hold down a job. For one client, I was given a vision that explained things to me quite clearly. I was shown a Candy Land game board, and my client was just moving along the candy land road and then all of a sudden up from the board came a little cardboard wall in her path. And it stopped her in her tracks… She just could not get around it, or over it, she had to go through it. And in going through it, she had to understand what it was (identify it) and then look at WHY it popped up in this road. I asked my guides (the people whom I talk with) and asked them to identify it for me, and they said it was her deservedness or more exactly her feelings/belief that she is UN-deserving of the very thing she had been working for and said “NO, I really want this in my life.”

They explained that WANTING something and really knowing you DESERVE it- are two completely different things! It is a lot more then WISHING, and WANTING, deservedness over rides all the “laws of attraction” type thinking. Because if you don’t believe that you truly deserve it, then there is no way you will ever get it, or keep it. You will self-sabotage it all along your Candy Land road. Let me tell you the VERY simple way of finding out if Deservedness or really if you feel you are UN-deserving of the thing you Want or Wish….you get the answer from your inner guidance. Ok, there is one tool that you have heard about FOREVER and that is Meditation. Oh, I hear the groan! Meditation is not hard at all – at least not the way I teach it..

Go in a private place…..put ear plugs in if you have to (due to your family and kids) and just RELAX and take a few very deep breaths in from your nose and out through your mouth. Do that about 4-6 times. You are now in your alpha state. Now if you’re like the majority of people out there you will be having a ton thoughts zooming through your mind. Just let them zoom past, this will pass and then you will be more clear minded. (don’t THINK about these zooming thoughts – just let them pass you by)

Now ask the questions that you need to know, say it out loud if need be, just like you are asking something of a person sitting right in front of you. For example, “Do I deserve real romantic love in my life?” Now here is the tricky part. PAY ATTENTION to every feeling you have. Do you FEEL your heart tighten? Do you feel emotion rush to your eyes, do you have a pain in your gut? THESE are the CLUES! Go to the feeling of the tightening in your heart (or where ever area is affected by this question) and ASK – why am I feeling this tightening? And let it answer you. The answer is in the thought that pops in your head! The memory that you remember, or the sense that you get… THIS IS GOD TALKING TO YOU – though you! Listen to it, ask more questions. Ask WHY did I just remember a day with my Grandpa way back when I was 6? Why did that memory come up? ASK QUESTIONS and I PROMISE YOU will get answers BUT ONLY if you listen to the feelings you are feeling, or sensing! Some come in pictures in your mind; some come in feelings in your body or mind. INTERVIEW them, the more questions you ask, the more answers you will receive.

I’m not saying this will be easy at first for many people. So many are very good at ignoring what’s going on inside….but some will be good right out the gate. This connection to your inner guidance is the greatest gift in the world. So keep doing it…keep trying to get the clarity that they are so happy to give. Only in looking at the CLUES your mind and body give you, will you uncover the core issue that is preventing you from having all the success in all areas of your life that you really say you want to experience. And when you uncover that very thing stopping you, you’ll find it is a belief that you have that was usually accepted in your childhood. For instance, “I’m un-lovable, that’s why I don’t really believe that I can find real, healthy love in my life. I’m un-lovable!” Now remember that was a belief of a child….for a variety of reasons, she “believed that”. Looking and feeling the way your little child felt about being un-lovable is so important in this process. Look at WHY she came to this conclusion, feel it, smell it, know and understand her view. Now you have to really look at that belief and see if that is really true at this stage of your life, and DECIDE if that BELIEF is still true? And if it isn’t…then discard it from your Candy Land path.

Just picture yourself holding a balloon in your hands that isn’t of value to you, so just release it…

watch it float up into the clouds. It’s now gone. You are free from it. That’s all there is to it! I know it works, I do it for a profession, and you can do it too.

THIS is your intuition…learn to listen for you have all the answers inside you- to EVERYTHING!

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Changing Roles…and it’s confusion

Recently I the great honor of talking with a very wise, loving parent of a client of mine. He was her father who was in spirit and yet his guidance was profound not only to my client, but to myself. (A side benefit to doing my type of work).

The “insight” that we gained on that early Sunday morning hit home for me, because I was seeing friends and family around me that were also in the same situation as my client.

I asked my client if I could use this “wisdom” for an article on my blog and she gave me approval, so I hope those that need to “see” on this topic are able to let it in.  And if you know anyone that might need this, please pass it on.

For ease of reading, we will call my client, Alice and her father, Dad.  

Alice’s Dad joined us and brought up this topic on his own, (and I later found out that he brought up this topic to her when he was still alive).

Dad was excited for Alice to be in this new transition in her life.  Alice’s daughter was getting married at the end of the week, and it was a very happy occasion for all.  He talked about how excited he was to be coming to the event also.

Dad parlayed this celebration talk into the fact that she was moving into a new phase of her life (empty nester) and talked about her role as a Grandparent.  He said “Getting the distance and reaping the benefits”.

(Alice is a grandparent with one grand-daughter and she takes care of her on a daily basis. And is very happy about this situation.)

Dad told Alice, “That in way too many levels you are parenting still with your grand-daughter, and that is not where you are to be at this point in your life.  You are taking up the parenting that the parents should be doing!”

He wanted me to be blunt with her, he said, “You are interfering, your intent is not to hurt, but by taking on these roles of parenting, you are not allowing these young parents to learn to do it. So you are interfering in the process.”

Dad lovingly said, “Because you are still playing out the parenting role, you are missing out on the true gift of being the Grandparent! You think your helping, but because you are still “parenting” you CAN’T be the true Grandparent the way you should be.”

He went on, “You are not able to parent YOUR children from a new prospective.  You need to help them to become good parents.  They need your input.  So you are losing out here, and our children are losing out on having an adult parent parenting them as adults.  Your adult children are going through major struggles, and transitions and they would really like the input from a mutually respected adult, but you don’t have the energy (or distance from the situation) because you are doing the basic parenting for your grand-child.  So they lose out too.

The grand-child is also losing out, because she NEEDS her own parents to parent her and she can’t have a grandma because your too busy being a parent, because you are not really in the role of being her Grandma!  You can’t do both roles…not really.”

At this point, I was inspired by her Dad to add my own experience here in the reading…

“I had the most amazing Grandma. She was completely crazy but I wouldn’t give up my crazy Grandma for nobody!   She’s the one I ran too, she was my soft place to fall, for I knew- no matter what, she love me above everything and would protect me but she had distance from me.  She wasn’t raising me and parenting me, but she was firmly in my grandparent role.  Nobody to this day, some 30 years later, could ever take her place in my heart.  That is strictly my Grandmothers place.  But I don’t think that because of the way that your currently doing it, your grand-daughter will have those same feelings for you, she will have very MOTHERLY feelings and that a different feeling then a GRANDMOTHER feelings.  All because your parenting her.”

Alice’s Dad jumped back in and said, “You really feeling that your doing the best for everyone but your really doing it for YOU! (even if they APPEAR to be “Helping them”)  We all do! We put our needs above other peoples needs; your need is to be totally infused in someones life.  When your children grew up, you had a great loss in that area of your life. And when you had your grand-daughter, you pulled her to you.  You made it easy to let the young parents to lean on you, to allow you to do this and it’s not a healthy thing.”

He said, “ I need to be blunt with you, you have known a lot of these things (about this situation) but it hurt you too much to make any changes. I told you. I know how you think, “Well, it’s only a short time”, you have raised children, you know that she’ll become a teenager and it’s “only a short time”….but this is a very profound time!  And your children are not learning to be parents properly.”

I said, “Your Dad wants you to understand in a way that you can see what your doing, because you will be having more grandchildren and you can’t keep doing this, it will be harder.  For one, you can already seeing that you can’t do certain things the way you did before, your getting older…he’s trying to save you a lot of pain in the future. Plus you should allow your adult children to learn to be parents while you’re still here to give them the guidance they will need….isn’t that better then them trying to learn it themselves when your gone?

Alice said, “I get it Dad!”

Dad replied, “I really want you to enjoy being a Grandparent and you have not had that yet. I want you to have that immense relationship.  And you are not having the life that you should be having at this junction, at this point in your life because your are still be a parent!

Dad then went on to say, ” Soon her daughter would be having a baby.  And there will be a lot of jealousy from your daughter, because you are not being as “involved” like you did with your first grand-child. UNLESS you start to make boundaries and place the parenting role firmly back in the hands of the parents.”

My client, Alice, had a very clear and direct “parenting lesson” from her father.  It was blunt and to the point, and being the voice to what Dad had to say – stung me at some points as I’m sure it stung her.  But it was said so lovingly and tender, it did NOT come out as a scolding, but very clear insight from one adult parent to another.

Even in Death, our parents are still looking out for us.

Thank you Dad and Alice for allowing me to share this important lesson for parents and Grandparents everywhere.