Kym is Paying it Forward

Earlier this week I sent out this email:
This a.m., I was awoken with a “suggestion” from my Guides. They said that in this time of transition in so many people’s lives, HOPE was needed. And that I can offer that “Light at the end of the tunnel”.
 They said that many people only have a question that they need see clarity on, and if I wished to help, I could offer help.
 They used the word “Pay it Forward,” ( which is one of my most favorite movies.)
So here’s what we came up with.
 Due to the financial strains that we are all feeling, I would like to offer this “Pay it Forward” help.
 I will reserved 2 readings time slots a day to anyone that has ONE QUESTION that is causing them concern.  (I can’t offer Mediumship at this point – due to time)
In exchange for giving clarity on this one question, I will take a DONATION  in what ever you can afford to make.
To make this donation, it will need to be made through Pay Pal. 
 So tell you friends, and if you need it – and can’t afford to schedule a reading due to finances, this is offered to anyone in need.
 Please note: I only have space for 2 readings a day (through the end of the year- 2011), this is “finacial-hardship” opportunity only.
 I would love to help as many people as I can with this Pay it Forward opportunity. So please forward this to your friends and family.
 Pay it Forward = 1 reading of ONE QUESTION for a Donation of your choosing.
 The exchange is just an energy exchange, for only what people “pay for” do they value. That is why a donation is asked for.  I am donating this money to a needy family that I work with.
 Thank you, Kym McBride
 If any one knows of someone in need, please direct them to the top of my website ( and go to the TAB – “PAY IT FORWARD”  There is additional information at the bottom of the post and directions on how to get this Special – One Question Reading.
And remember – we ALL can Pay It Forward in our own ways – find one that works for you and DO IT!

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