Want to be an insider to our new book?

Shy KymWould you like to be on the inside of assisting in developing our fifteen chapter book? We are looking for people interested in the topics of enlightenment, spirits, ghosts, understanding grief, psychic awakenings, working with spirit guides and learning how our souls evolve.  (Book #1 in a series of 5)


If you are open to learning while helping by giving us your feedback, we would love to have you participate.


The alpha testing will take place in an on-line computer system.  If you have the internet, are interested in our topic, and can type your thoughts, you’re perfect!  The pilot study will consist of reading each chapter and answering a group of questions on the material.


The test is scheduled to start on JANUARY 10th  and go through JANUARY 22nd.  We will close it down at midnight on the 22nd.  


We know it’s a short time, but we need to gather all your brilliant insights and pack it up for our editors who will take it all into account to help us determine where we need to do re-writes. SO IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT WORK!


As a THANK YOU for this work, after the book is finalized into a Kindle version, you will receive a free final copy! (Sept. 2016)


Please go to this link http://soulevolutionseries.com/volunteers-needed/  and sign up for Alpha Tester. Plus, we have other volunteer jobs available: Advisors, Book Reviewers, Beta testers, and Public Relations. Sign up for whatever interests you!

Deadline for Alpha Tester sign up is: January 4th, 2016


Thanks so much,

Kym McBride & Beverly Hafemeister