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Front copyKym McBride and Beverly Hafemeister have published their first book, We Got It All Wrong: death and grief, heaven and hell and mental illness.  It can be found on

This is the first book in the We Got It All Wrong Series.  The second installment is due out in early 2018.

There is also a companion workbook that walks through the 5 topics addressed in the book 1: Death, grief, heaven, hell and mental illness.  The workbook is a place to allow the reader to delve into their beliefs on those 5 topics. It’s not a teaching tool as much as it’s an excavating tool.

The workbook includes wonderful artwork by Eleanor Hafemeister and Arthur Hoffman who are both related to Beverly,  her mother, and her uncle. They have both been in spirit for decades but their art lives on in this workbook.  It’s scheduled for publication in May 2016.

Retail Price: $16.95

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