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KymFront copy McBride and Beverly Hafemeister have published their first book, We Got It All Wrong: death and grief, heaven and hell and mental illness.  It can be found on

his is the first book in the We Got It All Wrong Series.  The second installment was published in 2018.

There is also a companion workbook that walks through the 5 topics addressed in the book 1: Death, grief, heaven, hell and mental illness.  The workbook is a place to allow the reader to delve into their beliefs on those 5 topics. It’s not a teaching tool as much as it’s an excavating tool.

The workbook includes wonderful artwork by Eleanor Hafemeister and Arthur Hoffman who are both related to Beverly,  her mother, and her uncle. They have both been in spirit for decades but their art lives on in this workbook.  It’s scheduled for publication in May 2016.
Retail Price: $16.95

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Our Second book is Published!

Well, our workbook has hit the Amazon Bookstore! This type of book morphed over the time from conception to completion.  It was supposed to be a continuum of the book it was based on but in the end, we find it’s so much more. Even though this book is based on the same topics that we have in book one in the series, We Got It All Wrong, it has come out on a personal journey for the reader. It focuses on what the reader thinks about the five topics (death, grief, heaven, hell and mental illness). For instance, the workbook walks the reader from basic questions about death and what they believe it really means to them.

WGIAW Workbook Cover 3Then it moves to deeper questions about how death has touched their lives. What do they think about death? How do they grieve for things that they feel they lost.

For instance, the workbook walks the reader from basic questions about death and what they believe it really means to them. Then it moves to deeper questions about how death has touched their lives and then offers them a new view of the topic based on their own answers. Our beta testers have had great growth by taking the time to questions their own beliefs on the 5 topics that touch each of our lives almost daily.

It takes real courage to question your own belief, but we think you’re up for the challenge, pick up a copy today and let us know what you found out about yourself.

8 1/2″x 11″      210 pages

Retail Price: $18.95 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online retailers

KINDLE VERSION has audio recordings from Kym and Beverly. Through audio, they share their views of how that question impacted them as they journeyed through the book. And it’s FUN to have the author’s walking through the process.

BUNDLE KINDLE Book: Book 1 and Book 1 Workbook kindle versions are combined to save you money and allow you to benefit from the audio of the workbook from the authors.


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New Book from Hafemeister & McBride published Summer 2017

After launching our We Got It All Wrong, workbook, we got so excited by the feedback about the process of journaling.  Both my co-author, Beverly Hafemeister, have been journalers for years and see the value of keeping a record of our lives.  She is a handwriting journaler, and I tend to do it either as an audio or on a computer.  So we decided to do a few more books in the journaling vain.  We wanted to make a product for the writers out there. The people that might not have a book out (yet?) but have a need to keep a written record of an expression of the creatives.

WCJ-front-cover-v4 copyAnd we know that sometimes the words don’t flow, so we loaded it with wonderful illustrations to color as you ponder on a word or an idea.  It’s our way of offering a place for our writer friends to express themselves.

Here’s the first peek at the cover that was designed by Beverly.  The artwork is a watercolor painted by her mother, Eleanor Hafemeister, who’s other artwork is highlighted inside the workbook too, alongside her talented brother, Arthur Hofmann

Available at online booksellers, Amazon and Barns & Noble.

8 1/2″ x 11″, 240 pages.

zNew Ghost Series by Kym McBride will be published in late 2019

Well, it’s been 16 years in the making, my books on all the really cool conversations I have had with ghosts! My appropriately titled: Myths, Misnomers & Cool Sh*t Ghosts told Me. It will be a 3 part series; Ghost Children, Regret & Retribution and Savannah.

My goal is to give a different perspective to the situation of being a ghost. It’s NOT like the TV shows and movies display. They are human beings that chose to experience the ghost stage for greater growth and education and sometimes to help the living.

These are written in the same transcription style that our We Got It All Wrong Series is written. I love to do the books this way so that our readers hear the real words that the ghosts said to me. They all have a different way of speaking and I feel this is the best way I can honor them for the amazing education they have given me, and of course, they have such amazing and sometimes heartbreaking stories to share.

Size: 5 x 8   And will be available at online booksellers, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.