Myth's & Misnomers (book 2, 3 and 4) Regrets and Retribution

Regrets and Retribution.

Due for release 2020 and 2021

FRONT COVER M&M Regret & Retribution

The ability to converse and help ghosts is not a job I ever seeked out or even knew there was such a job. But when situations present themselves, sometime you just have to do as you asked. And that’s what happened to me back in 2001.

I was already in an established business as a pyschic/medium. I had clients and with one client, a spirit showed up to talk—her forlorn brother-in-law appeared in the session. At first I had no idea that he was an different then other dead spirits that came to talk with my clients. But soon, I came to realize that he was not a ‘happy’ spirit. Usually all of the dead family and friends that arrive to join in our sessions seem very happy and their purpose in coming is to help the client—not to hinder the client.

But this guy was a bit of a sad sap. He didn’t want to talk when asked why he had shown up. He was not asked by the client to come. She was more interested in speaking to his daughter (her niece) but instead of the niece, her father arrived in her stead.

After I described what the man looked like, my client was quick to identify him. She knew it was her brother-in-law. But no matter what questions we asked him, he didn’t answer. He just stood in the room with his head down like in a shame stance. And wouldn’t even leave (disappear) when we told him if he wasn’t going to add to the conversation, we had to move on.

When the session was done, I got off the phone with my client, yet the man did not go when she did. He hung around my apartment for about 3 days before I got really annoyed. I kept asking him, “What do you need from me?” and he would not answer. I tried to ignore him, but it was hard since he just stood in the middle of my living room! I was really busy with other clients and I just did my best to move around him.

By the 3rd day, I had had enough. I told him that we were not going to do this dance any longer and we need to deal with this NOW. I sat down and called in my Spirit Guide Timingo. I asked him to give me some clarity as to what this spirit was doing. That’s when Timingo said, “Kym, do you notice something off about this spirit?” I was confused. He then said, “Really look, is there something different—its just a nuance of a difference.”

That’s when it dawned on me that this was not my usual crossed over spirit! This was a ghost! Now I was gobsmacked that I figured that out! I had never —never ever—believed in ghosts! I was a HUGE scaredy-cat all my life. I was NEVER interested in watching scary movies or think about the Hollywood version of scary stuff and ghosts fit into that “not interested” category.

So I looked to Timingo and said, “What?!?! What am I suppose to do with that?” He laughed at me and informed me that I was to help him and I asked, “How.” He said just talk to him like your do to other spirits, but instead of the spirit helping your client, with a ghost—they are the client!

I was at first confused and annoyed that this new experience was just dropped in my lap this way, but it was what it was. I thought, maybe this was just a one-off experience and I can get back to my job as it usually was. But to my surprise, as the year’s went on, I was doing more of this “pay it forward” type work (ghosts don’t pay – so it’s all for the greater good!)

Over the years I have had so many experiences with ghosts that I just record them in audio and then transcribe them and enjoy the interesting lives they had, am touched by the pains and deaths they experienced and then help them move on by crossing them into the Light.

But a few months back, my friend and co-author decided that she would love to get these stories out in a book. I had always planned to do it at some point, but it they always fell down the line of my other projects. I agree’d it was time to get their stories out to the world, so that others can learn from another level of the human experience.

In the Myths and Misnomers series, book 1 was about the children ghosts that I encountered. In book 2, we are meeting the adults that I have learned so much from. To date, we feel we have enough of these interactions to fill about 3 adult books…but that can change again. Ghosts find me where ever I am, and I help as often as I can. I love this work and would do it for free—if I wasn’t already doing that!

When this series came to mind, I thought it would just be some light, touching stories to share for people that were interested in ghostly matters, but when we (Bev my co-author) and I started to talk about the layouts of these small books (which I always thought they would be— something lite that one could read while waiting for your kids to come out of school or practice) it all started to morph into a ‘different’ type of book.

One day as we were working out the format of this ‘little series’ the entire room started to fill up with spirits and they started to form a line. Heading the line was a Spirit Guide I had recently met. He was the guide of a new friend, Linda. His name is long and I can’t pronounce it – I just call him Mr. X. So now this guide was standing in our living room and had a long line of people with him.

We were told that these people were the ghosts that I had crossed over all these years. And that these ghosts (now crossed spirits) wanted to be re-interviewed for our new book. Again I was gobsmacked and said, “What?!? But in what capacity, I had already crossed them over?

Mr. X smiled at my naivety and said, “They want to tell you the rest of their story. They want to tell you what happened after they crossed over.”

Gob smack #3! Man! This job is ever changing.

So that’s how this series is laid out:

Each chapter is one interaction with a ghost (or group of ghosts). You will read the original transcription of my first introduction to the ghost, you’ll read what ever they told me at the time about their life and death and then you’ll see how I crossed them over. BUT NOW following each of their crossing stories, I have re-interviewed them and to where they found themselves after the crossing and what they learned on ‘the other side’. AMAZING work. I wish you all could have this experience!… And you can – just read the series! I would LOVE to hear what you think.

Kym McBride