To contact me for a reading, class or just a question or inquiry – EMAIL is the best way. I’m traveling a lot, but I’m tied to my laptop!  My email address is:


3 thoughts on “CONTACT INFO.

  1. I had a reading done by Kym and by one of her ladies in mentoring 3 yrs ago. I regret to say I did not keep in touch after due to some horrible life situations. However; I must share with all. I was told there were problems in my digestive track. I thought she meant I had diverticulitis which I knew. I now believe she meant I had 4 upcoming surgeries and 5 12/ ft of colon removed and almost met my maker. I want to make sure my dearest Kym knows I love her and respect her and I thank her for that opprotunity to assist in her mentoring. I also want to make sure she gets her feedback and validation that her gal was right on it.

  2. Hello, my name is Cody Brooks. My family received your book for Linda Hanna, shortly after my brother Quintin’s death. I just have to say thank you so much for your work, along with Beverly, because it has given a lot of insight to this very open mind. I am now on the search for why I am here and why I have always felt the way I have. Linda told me that my ablitilities are strong and that I have to trust my intuition. I’m just scratching the surface, but writing you today is definitely a part of following my intuition. For your book has given light to the path that I will follow that has always been a part of my mission. I am very grateful for your mission and I just wanted to let you know I will always think about what you guys have done for me. We are all in this together, and I am glad to have read your book. Thank you!

    1. Cody, first, we’re so sorry for the loss of your brother. And we’re so happy that Linda passed on the book to you in your time of need. You tickled us with your thoughts. And I’d love to offer you a place in my soon to be launched private Facebook group for people who are having ‘experiences’ and opening to their own journey. It’s by invite only and I’d be so happy for you to join us. Friend me on FB and I’ll send out the invite in the coming weeks. Take care and looking forward to talking.

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