Currently, I’m not scheduled for any classes. People seem to be so busy, they don’t have the time to attend face to face classes. So I have been changing with the need for on-line type training.  I have developed a new series of self-study courses with a coach guiding you through the process. It’s called, Living on Purpose with Guidance.  This programing allows me to take all my experience and education and place it in programs that are accessible to a larger amount of clients then I could in face to face training.  I’m excited about this new system. And from the response, so are my clients!  Check out the tab- “Living on Purpose with Guidance” and learn more.

I’m out on the road again.  I really am enjoying the new freedom that technology offers me. I can be anywhere and I can still work with my clients through on on-line training programs and I can still have reading sessions.  I can be sitting in my motor home in the mountain of Estes Park, CO or be in Savannah GA talking to all the spirits that are never ending in the region.  I can be in the back woods with only deer and critters and be working with my clients on my mentoring program on my iPad.  These times are just so cool!  I have completely embraced LIVING my life, while still touching others in my work.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other- you can have it all,  you just have to believe that!

I’m also working on my books, so doing a lot of research- want to go to an Old Plantation and meet with Spirits that are still walking the old grounds? Well, we did that! And we were sure to help all those souls move on with their journey! I don’t leave any soul behind that wants to move on! But next time, maybe you can join me when we are in your area. Won’t that be fun!  Be sure to subscribe and lets meet!

Now if you see a big motor home with a cute little green bug in tow – THAT’S me! I’ll meet you at the next stop and we can chat!

I am STILL DOING READINGS on the road.  Have computer will travel!  Just contact via Email and we will set up a phone session. See further details under “READINGS”

Email me with any and all questions and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

……On the Road again, …….. Willy is singing in my head!

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