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New Self-Exploration workbook by Hafemeister & McBride: coming late 2019

FINAL 3671x4500 GRIEF Relief Workbook

Grief Relief WorkbookThis book will enable you to uncover how your current beliefs may be contributing to your suffering. In your lifetime, how many friends /relatives have died? Your beliefs about death are affecting the way you deal with your loss, which shows in your style of grieving. 

For this book, we would be THRILLED to find support groups to Beta Test this workbook.  If you know of a group that would be interested in reading and working this workbook on grief and is willing to discuss it as a group, please fill out the form below.

New Ghost Series by Kym McBride will be published in 2019

Well, it’s been 16 years in the making, my books on all the really cool conversations I have had with ghosts! I appropriately titled the series Myths, Misnomers & Cool Sh*t Ghosts told me. It will be a three-part series; Ghost Children, Regret & Retribution and Savannah.

These are written in the same transcription style that our We Got It All Wrong Series is written. I love to do the books this way so that our readers hear the real words that the ghosts said to me. They all have a different way of speaking and I feel this is the best way I can honor them for the amazing education they have given me, and of course, they have such amazing and sometimes heartbreaking stories to share.

Size: 5 x 8   And will be available at online booksellers, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.