-“Cutting the Strings”

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This meditation is for removing emotional connections to people.  It’s very simple and I use this with many of my clients that are “too emotionally invested in another person”.  For instance: an old boyfriend, or a relationship that is no longer honoring you, or even a child/spouse/sibling that seems to always being able to PULL you in!

THIS IS GREAT for even un-equated love.

  • Get in a quite place.
  • You can  lay down or sit in a chair – what ever position is good for you.
  • Now, close your eyes  and BREATH in through your nose and out through your mouth about 4-5 times. (this relaxes you)
  • Then picture the person that you need to “disconnect” from in front of you.
  • Now say, “Show me the strings that are connecting us” (in your head).  You will be really surprised what you will see. (Their might be strings connecting them to you or a cord, or it can be large as tree trunk or anything in between!)
  • Now, at this point you can tell the person what you feel about this unhealthy  connection that is going on between the two of you. (You will be saying this in your head).  You can be kind, or yell at them, do what ever you need to do to tell your TRUTH.
  • Then picture a pair of huge scissors in your hand (or a hatchet if the strings are like trunks of a tree) and start cutting the “cords/strings/trunks”.
  • Now you might find that as quickly as you start cutting the “cords” that bind you – the other person starts sending out more connectors to you!  Keep cutting, but if they won’t stop sending out more cords,  you might have to put a big wall between you!
  • Picture a wall all tall as you can see and as long as you can see in all directions! It can be a brick wall or a clear wall (so you can still see them – some people love the other person, so they still need to SEE them…then make the wall clear like glass) but the wall is to STOP them for re-connecting their cords/strings/trucks to you.

This excerise is VERY powerful.  It might be a very emoitional process too – just keep doing it.

That’s all there is to it.  Keep repeating it as much as you need to.  The emotional connection will go to netural and that means that they are not affecting you like they have in the past. THIS IS POWERFUL!

FORWARNED: One thing you need to know – that this is an ENERGY cutting and the other person will FEEL this disconnect – so DON’T be surprised if you get a call or an email from them after doing this (you might not of heard from them in years….)  They will most likely have no idea why they have a need to re-connect, but just that they have to.  You need to be aware of this, and decide on how you want to deal with them (if it’s a  long time since you talked)

Good luck and PLEASE leave contact me with your results!  GOOD LUCK!

2 thoughts on “-“Cutting the Strings”

  1. “Cutting the strings” you got a pretty powerful exercise here Missy.
    It is all true. It works ! They try to come back in your life, but now after
    the exercise I am stronger. Once I cut those strings, I became stronger, so
    they try to contact me and I was able to let them go with good wishes and
    peace that i have not experienced before.


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