-M.A.P. Program

This program was developed by : Machaelle Small Wright from Perelandra in Virgina.

The M.A.P. Program is a “Co-creative – healing program”.  It’s very easy and very powerful healing program.  I have been using it for a variety of health issues for about 15 years now. It’s my GO TO healing modality.

It’s very simple, and very personalized. You don’t have to chant, or sit in a certain position, or anything like that.  It’s a matter of laying down, and asking for help from 4 different helpers (Over Lighting Diva of Healing, Pan (I always picture Peter Pan! :), The White Brother-hood (group of doctors, and physicans on the other side) and your Higher Self.

MAP Program

After you call them in, you talk them and tell them your problems and where it is, and how it’s affecting you.  I don’t usually hear too much from them (I feel they are working) and I stay AWAKE and I speak out loud what I’m experiencing (the Co-CREATIVE part!) such as: “I feel movement in my right leg, or ouch! pain in my right foot, etc) .  I stay in this position and in this AWAKE space until I feel “I’m done”.  Sometimes its 5 minutes, or an hour.  It depends on how long I “feel” they are still working on me. It’s THAT SIMPLE!

I now will tell you a story that happened to me, it was very early in working with these M.A.P. people.

I was in a transition time in my life.  I was going to re-focus on my health.  As per-usual for the Universe, when you make an Intention, they are there to help you out!  A day or so after saying that I wanted to focus on my health, I recieved a “free” 30 day membership to a new health club in my area.  I saw that the Universe felt that my PHYSICAL health was a priority! haha.  So I showed up to his new gym.  But it wasn’t a gym at all.

It was a large room with all kinds of equipment lining the walls. It was a center that allowed each machine to isolate certain muscle and work them to the breaking point, then you take a week off so that the muscles that you worked – heal and then you come back and push them farther.

Well, I only had a FREE 30 day membership and that would mean only 4 visits.  And I wanted MORE then that.  So I talked with the person that would work with me through these machines.  She explained the process and why the body needed to mend over the next week.  But I had a different thought.  I asked her that if I could PROVE to her that I could MEND in a day or two, and then returned to see that my body was able to move past my last visit (measured in reps) if I could come 2 x a week verses 1 time.

Well, she and her partner kind of snickered that IF I could prove that- then I could do it, but they said, we can’t take any responsibility for any injury (spoken like a true business person).  I said I would sign an additional statement to that agreement.

So they procceded to put me through my paces!  They worked me HARD!  I wasn’t even out of the place before my muscles were locking up on me and I was CRYING as I got to my car.  How I drove home is a miracle to me!  I got into my house, crying all the way….and fell on my bed! What had I done!

I layed out (and that hurt!) and I called on my “team” of the M.A.P. Program and cried as I told them what hurt.  In hind sight, I should of told them the shorter list of what DIDN’T hurt!  But I felt them moving me back into allignment.  And after 5 MINUTES (and I’m NOT exaggerating here!) I was kind of smacked on the butt and knew I was “done”.  I thanked them, and got up and went about my business as nothing had happend to break this old body down!

This was on Tuesday and on Thursday a.m. I was walking in their door!  They were SHOCKED!  They KNEW they had worked me so hard – they didn’t think that I would be able to walk for days after wards!  But I said, “See I healed myself!”  They just could not believe it! But the *”proof is in the pudding”, so I sat down on the first machine and each and every workout machine I DOUBLED what I could do the first time!  They were besides themself with wonderment! They had never seen anyone – mostly a out of shape older woman like me – do such stuff so soon after working my muscles to breakdown!  They wanted to know what I did !

I of course gave credit to the M.A.P. Program and of course Ms. Wright.  And told them where to purchase the book.  They both turned out to being co-creators with the M.A.P. Program within the next week and shared their experiences with me! YEAHHH!

*”Proof is in the Pudding” is saying that is not a correct version of the REAL saying – but has become a more used statement then the original saying – which is ” The proof of the pudding is in the eating” – which means “To fully test something you need to experience it yourself”

Here is Ms. Wrights website is: www.Perelandra-ltd.com

The M.A.P. Program (Medical Assistance Program) is in a book form ( think she has a CD too).  To find it on her site, you have to search a bit.  She does a lot of different things around natural Gardening, so don’t be confused when you hit on her link)  GO TO her CATALOG and look for MAP Program on the side bar.  You can also find it on Amazon.com along with her other books.  I have also found additional copies at Half-Price books and discount stores.  I am ALWAYS looking for more copies to hand out to clients!

ALSO NOTE: I have read another books of Ms. Wrights that is just amazing!  It is a biography of sorts of her very difficult life and how she began working with these energies.  Its called, “Behavingas if the God in All Life

Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered

Mattered”, I would HIGHLY recommend!

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