Scheduling a reading with me is pretty easy.  I do readings on all kinds of subjects, (i.e. relationships, the family who have passed on, careers, past lives, and medical issues).

My fees are $3.50 per minute with a $35.00 minimum (10 minutes).  I don’t just do 15 min. increments.  I am very respectful of your resources.  I will be recording the session, which you will get via email.

I will shut off the recorder when and if I am trying to focus on your question or the answers that are coming in.  You will not be worried that it just cost you $3.50 for my breathing!  Plus, I won’t worry that you are worried about the cost!  So a 1/2 reading might take 45 min to do (if I have to stop and start with the focusing) But it will not cost you over your 1/2 reading fee.

What you need to know to schedule a reading:

1. Contact me via email:  with a message that you would like to schedule a reading.  Please leave your name and phone number if that is the preferred way you would like to talk with me. If you can give me some dates and time of YOUR availability and the time frame you are wishing to use (10 min, 15 min, 30 min, etc), that would move the setting of an appointment along.  I will contact you back with dates and times of my availability.

2. We will agree on a time and date and I will need to know a TENTATIVE time that you THINK you would like a reading. (i.e. 15 min, 30 min. etc.)  that is just a TENTATIVE time, so if you get the answer to your questions at 12 minutes, we will end the reading then.(you will not pay more than the 12 minutes)  This TENTATIVE time frame is just so I do not schedule a reading too close to your’s so if you desire additional time, you have that option too.

4. All sessions will need to be PRE-PAID.  I will send you an invoice for the tentative time and the cost of that.  It will be sent to your email address, you pay the invoice and then your session will be set in stone.  (Note: if you do not use all the time that you paid for, due to getting your answers in a shorter time, then I will refund you the balance, or you can just leave it on account for the next reading)

The invoice will come through PayPal so you can use any credit card or debit card you would like.  You can also pay with a check, but please note, it takes an additional 3 days for a check to clear so your appointment will need to be out further on the calendar to make this adjustment to the payment of a check.

Once you are established client of mine, the next readings will not have to be pre-paid, I will just invoice you after the session for the time you used.

3. On the scheduled time and date of the reading – I will call you.

4. We will then have the reading.  You can ask any questions you would like. So please have a direction of the reading clear in your mind and in your questions.  While the reading is going on, I will keep you abreast of the time (sometimes time seems to speed up while we’re in session) I will let you know as we get closer to the ending of your scheduled time, but if you would like to stay on a few minutes longer, that would be fine. I hate to rush off the call if we are to a point that you have a few more questions. (you’ll be billed for the extra time in an invoice to your email address).

After the reading, and payment is complete, I will EMAIL you a recording of the session, usually within a few days -max.

That’s pretty much it! Pretty easy.  My goal is to answer all your questions as quickly and accurately as I can.

Thank you