Post by Kym: “I Deserve..or DO I?”

I work with many clients that are perplexed about not having the success they desire in some areas of their life. Be it in their career, in romance, family relationships or in their finances. But one of the perks of this job, I also get a chance to learn right along side of my clients. It really isn’t me advising my clients, that information just comes through me from the Universal Source (God)….I’m just the conduit of this wisdom not the producer of that wisdom. So I am just as surprised about the information that comes forth as my client is to hear it! There is also another advantage to this type of work. Some might call it a disadvantage… but God directs clients to me that are have the same issues that I myself need to “look at” in my own life.. I sometime say it’s the “bate-and-switch” reading. It’s usually on issues that I have not taken the time to dissect. But when I’m working for someone, that’s the very thing I’m hired to do – the dissection happens. My issues might not play out EXACTLY like my clients, but its close enough for me to “connect the dots”. And that’s exactly what happened this past month- the “old batch and switch”, happened over and over again (at least until I caught on!)

Through one of my clients, I was able to clearly see how we ALL deal with deservedness issues in one area or another. The funny thing is deservedness doesn’t happen across the board. They might have no problem in their careers, but their love live is a shambles. Or they might have really good relationships but they can’t seem to hold down a job. For one client, I was given a vision that explained things to me quite clearly. I was shown a Candy Land game board, and my client was just moving along the candy land road and then all of a sudden up from the board came a little cardboard wall in her path. And it stopped her in her tracks… She just could not get around it, or over it, she had to go through it. And in going through it, she had to understand what it was (identify it) and then look at WHY it popped up in this road. I asked my guides (the people whom I talk with) and asked them to identify it for me, and they said it was her deservedness or more exactly her feelings/belief that she is UN-deserving of the very thing she had been working for and said “NO, I really want this in my life.”

They explained that WANTING something and really knowing you DESERVE it- are two completely different things! It is a lot more then WISHING, and WANTING, deservedness over rides all the “laws of attraction” type thinking. Because if you don’t believe that you truly deserve it, then there is no way you will ever get it, or keep it. You will self-sabotage it all along your Candy Land road. Let me tell you the VERY simple way of finding out if Deservedness or really if you feel you are UN-deserving of the thing you Want or Wish….you get the answer from your inner guidance. Ok, there is one tool that you have heard about FOREVER and that is Meditation. Oh, I hear the groan! Meditation is not hard at all – at least not the way I teach it..

Go in a private place…..put ear plugs in if you have to (due to your family and kids) and just RELAX and take a few very deep breaths in from your nose and out through your mouth. Do that about 4-6 times. You are now in your alpha state. Now if you’re like the majority of people out there you will be having a ton thoughts zooming through your mind. Just let them zoom past, this will pass and then you will be more clear minded. (don’t THINK about these zooming thoughts – just let them pass you by)

Now ask the questions that you need to know, say it out loud if need be, just like you are asking something of a person sitting right in front of you. For example, “Do I deserve real romantic love in my life?” Now here is the tricky part. PAY ATTENTION to every feeling you have. Do you FEEL your heart tighten? Do you feel emotion rush to your eyes, do you have a pain in your gut? THESE are the CLUES! Go to the feeling of the tightening in your heart (or where ever area is affected by this question) and ASK – why am I feeling this tightening? And let it answer you. The answer is in the thought that pops in your head! The memory that you remember, or the sense that you get… THIS IS GOD TALKING TO YOU – though you! Listen to it, ask more questions. Ask WHY did I just remember a day with my Grandpa way back when I was 6? Why did that memory come up? ASK QUESTIONS and I PROMISE YOU will get answers BUT ONLY if you listen to the feelings you are feeling, or sensing! Some come in pictures in your mind; some come in feelings in your body or mind. INTERVIEW them, the more questions you ask, the more answers you will receive.

I’m not saying this will be easy at first for many people. So many are very good at ignoring what’s going on inside….but some will be good right out the gate. This connection to your inner guidance is the greatest gift in the world. So keep doing it…keep trying to get the clarity that they are so happy to give. Only in looking at the CLUES your mind and body give you, will you uncover the core issue that is preventing you from having all the success in all areas of your life that you really say you want to experience. And when you uncover that very thing stopping you, you’ll find it is a belief that you have that was usually accepted in your childhood. For instance, “I’m un-lovable, that’s why I don’t really believe that I can find real, healthy love in my life. I’m un-lovable!” Now remember that was a belief of a child….for a variety of reasons, she “believed that”. Looking and feeling the way your little child felt about being un-lovable is so important in this process. Look at WHY she came to this conclusion, feel it, smell it, know and understand her view. Now you have to really look at that belief and see if that is really true at this stage of your life, and DECIDE if that BELIEF is still true? And if it isn’t…then discard it from your Candy Land path.

Just picture yourself holding a balloon in your hands that isn’t of value to you, so just release it…

watch it float up into the clouds. It’s now gone. You are free from it. That’s all there is to it! I know it works, I do it for a profession, and you can do it too.

THIS is your intuition…learn to listen for you have all the answers inside you- to EVERYTHING!

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