Beam me down Scotty!


 This a.m. I was somehow drawn to a short story by O.Henry. I had never read his work before. It was very    different style of writing. Then I felt a “inspired” energy  flow over me and this entry is what came out. I believe  that my spirit teachers have told me how  REINCARNATION happens…


The arrival of this woman into this strange land was not noticed by the other participants in this new world. She was effortlessly dropped down into the center of this city without a sound. She is not scared to find herself here, she was accustomed to this treatment, and she had become strangely comforted by these adventures. Even though at first they jolt her and she gasps in her breath and holds it until she can hold it no more. Then she releases’s it and with that, she seems to feel grounded once more. With this action she then is squarely in this new world and the excitement of adventure starts to build once again.

What strange and wonderful things will be laying in wait for her? Will this new world offer her fun and adventure, or pain and dankness. She has found herself in both kinds of worlds before; she has learned that those kinds of worlds all hold innumerable lessons that needed to be experienced. A long time ago, she has learned not to judge them, all have been a great value to her and her experience. Even with that knowing, each time she finds herself in a new world her mind races to see which one will it be?

It is like a time warp had happened, all the people and activities seem to go into slow motion and at a precise moment she is added to the action, she is inserted at just the right millisecond and then the action starts to race back to it’s regular pace and she is absorbed in- without a blirp! She finds this to be a miracle that she is honored to be a part of.

She looks around this new world and she gulps once more with the first step she takes in this new worlds energy and soon she is picked up in the flow and her memory of how she entered it soon dissipates with the movement around her.

But she still has awareness of this new trip and she is in awe as people and events are pulled to her like she is a magnet. The perfect experiences wrapped up in in-perfect wrapping. Her quest is to find the string that will un-wrap these gifts and find its perfection inside. She relish’s this quest, it’s the purpose of these little excursions, the purpose of her life.

She embraces it at least for a time until she falls into forgetfulness, forgetfulness of the mission of her quest. But she is all to aware that that too is part of this journey, the forgetfulness is the only way she can fully merge with this new world, to really experience it in all it’s glory – the forgetfulness is the only way it can happen. She doesn’t worry about that part anymore, in the past the part of forgetfulness was the part she liked the least, but she has learned to embrace it – it’s the Only Way. She resists no more….she lets the forgetfulness to elope her, to cress her and lull her into it’s self – she floats and allows it to work its magic upon her.

Now let the action begin – I’m all in.     (the END)