Your reading hit the mark


September 18, 2010

Hey, Kym, it’s Meredith. I’m actually skipping a class right now to write to you, since I have so much to say.

First, thank you for reading my elbow at the light worker class. It started to hurt again a few months later, however when I got the R a test done it came back negative, which really surprised the doctors, and they still have no idea what it was from, but it hasn’t come back since.

Second, I wanted to thank you for doing a reading for me a few months back in December on my relationship. Was a very emotionally exhausting time, especially since it was near Christmas, and heck when are relationships not exhausting! LOL.

The reading was informative and gave me really keen insight into my partner has allowed me to understand him better and myself better as well. Furthermore, when I approached him about the reading, he didn’t deny anything you told me. I knew if he did our relationship would not work out. And he was very open to everything (as I had been told by your guides in the reading.)

Also, he is talking to someone about his father issues, a friend of his mothers who actually looks a lot like my dad weirdly enough, and his friend also had father abandonment in his life as well. Also, I’ve noticed that he’s been more honest with himself about who and what his father really is like instead of denying it and making excuses for his dad and putting up the “forgiveness BS wall.’

I also mentioned to him about what you said about law school just not quite ‘jiving’ and he, like all cancers, he molded over in his brain for a long time. He still applying to law school but is now open to looking into other options such as counseling psychology, which is another interest of his. I think he’s realizing on his own at law school may not be what he wants to do even if he would be good at it, but what his ego would want him to do.

Next, our relationship is going well and he got me a ring for Christmas, not an engagement ring, that’s too weird for me right now, more like a promise that “I’ll stop being a jerk and chill” ring. And of course, we still squabble every once in a while, like all couples do, over TV channels, deep cleaning the storage, or getting outside to shovel the cars out of our 4 feet of snow, again! However, he is even thankful to my God – she told me to buy a shovel before we got hit with two more major storms three days later when all the stores have been sold out of shovels.

Furthermore, this is hard to explain in words, I know if we were to break up in the future forever reason. I’d be disappointed of course, but I would not befall of huge loss as I did during Christmas; because thanks to your reading it help me renew my sense of who I am and gave me a better understanding of who he is; two separate people who possess two different sets of natures, and if those natures don’t jive naturally then it happens, and it’s not the end of the world and life will and can go on any non-resentful positive way.

So thank you again, you and your guides, for the guidance and insight.

February 2010, Meredith McD.